2020 was to be the last venue of the Holy Grail Guitar Show in Berlin, but due to the situation, I couldn't attend once again at the HGGS Book Table this year. So here's a virtual book table, with all interesting books you'll find about your favourite instrument.
If a book appears to be missing in this ideal library, feel free to comment !

All kinds of Guitars

martin1.jpg, mai 2020
Martin guitars, A history (vol 1+2)
By Richard Johnston and Dick Boak. A History of C. F. Martin & Co., and the family transitions that created an American guitarmaking legacy, from German emigration in 1833 to present day marriage of tradition and technology. (as reviewed on martinguitars.com)
1001-burrows.jpg, mai 2020
1001 guitars to dream to play before you die
By Terry Burrows. Dream guitars from 1525 to today. A big guitar collection, except that it won't take too much space.

faszination-gitarre.jpg, mai 2020
Faszination Gitarre
By Conny Restle and Christopher Li. The catalogue of the 2011 exhibition at the SIMPK / Musikinstrumentenmuseum Berlin.

Classical guitars

orfeo.jpg, mai 2020
Orfeo Magazine
is brought to us by the Paris photographer Alberto Martinez. It's readable for free on Issuu and every 5 numbers, it gets printed and bound, and you just rediscover it. Wonderful pictures for guitar aficionados !
34GC.jpg, mai 2020
34 classical guitars in life size
Also by Alberto Martinez. These pictures are from Orfeo shooting, and are a nice addition to the magazine.
A_Collection_of_Fine_Spanish_Guitars.jpeg, mai 2020
A Collection of Fine Spanish Guitars from Torres to the Present
By Sheldon Urlik. All is in the title : fine classical guitars with nice detailed pictures and 2 CDs. Second, expanded edition, recently reissued.
escuela-granadina-de-guitarreros.jpeg, mai 2020
La Escuela Granadina de Guitarreros
Collective authorship. The book tells us the story of classical guitar making in Granada and the spread of its particular features in the work of luthiers all around the world.
La_Chitarra_di_Liuteria_fr.jpg, mai 2020
La chitarra de liuteria
By Stefano Grondona, Luca Waldner, Massimo Mandelli.
hanusch-weissgerber.jpg, mai 2020
Christof Hanusch, guitar player and specialist of the German guitars, takes us into a journey of the prolific luthier Richard Jacob.
torres-romanillos.png, mai 2020
Antonio de Torres, guitar maker, his life and work
Jose Luis Romanillos presents us the reference book on the life and work of the father of the modern classical guitar. Has been edited in English, German and Italian.

Romantic guitars

livre1.jpg, mai 2020
Paris 1650-1950 (+ addendum) + Mirecourt Les Provinces Françaises + La Guitare espagnole 1750-1950.
Françoise and Daniel Sinier De Ridder, French experts on historical plucked instruments, have issued this series of 4 wonderful books about period guitar.
stauffer-co.jpg, mai 2020
Stauffer & Co. – The Viennese Guitar and its music in the early 19th century
Erik Pierre Hofmann, Pascal Mougin, Stefan Hackl.

Guitar building and technical

Nouveau_manuel_du_luthier.jpg, mai 2020
Nouveau manuel du luthier, ou Traité pratique de la construction des instruments à cordes et à archet
By Maugin and Maigne, first publised in 1834. Reprints and further editions of this book are easy to find, or you may read it on Gallica, as it is public now. Rather focused on the violin, but more recent editions, like this 1894, include a guitar chapter covering some aspects of the making of what still was the romantic guitar. French only.
making-master-guitars-roy-courtnall.jpg, mai 2020
Making Master Guitars
Roy Courtnall, drawings by Adrian Lucas . A reference book for the traditional making of Spanish guitars.
classical-mcleod.jpg, mai 2020
The classical guitar, design and construction
Robert Welford, Donald McLeod. Edited 1971.
cumpiano-natelson-guitarmaking.jpg, mai 2020
Guitarmaking: Tradition & Technology
A reference book about both folk and classical guitars, by William R. Cumpiano & Jonathan D. Natelson.
romanillos.png, mai 2020
Making a Spanish guitar
By Jose Louis Romanillos. Surely not a step-by-step guide, but rather a sum of his experience, with an interesting machine-free approach.
buildin-electri-guitars-koch.jpg, mai 2020
Building electric guitars
Martin Koch. A step-by-step building guide for beginners in the field of solid-body, hollow-body and semi-acoustic electric guitars and bass guitars.
lute-lundberg.jpg, mai 2020
Historical Lute Construction
Robert Lundbergs book, Historical Lute Construction, is by far the most comprehensive and authoritative work on the subject of understanding and constructing lutes.

technik-lemme.jpg, mai 2020
Technik + sound Elektro-gitarren
Helmuth Lemme. A technical guide to the electronics of the guitar. German only.

repair-guide-erlewine.jpg, mai 2020
Guitar player repair guide, 3rd edition
By Dan Erlewine. How to set up, maintain and repair electrics and acoustics.

complete-guitar-repair.jpg, mai 2020
Complete guitar repair
By Hideo Kamimoto.

somogyi.jpg, mai 2020
The Responsive Guitar + Making The Responsive Guitar
By Ervin Somogyi.


guitar-makers-dudley.jpg, mai 2020
Guitar Makers, the endurance of artisanal values in North America
Kathryn Marie Dudley tells us the history of a generation of self-taught artists who brought the American steel-string guitar to where it is now.
guitaromanie-hackl.jpg, mai 2020
Guitaromanie, Kleines Panoptikum der Gittare von Allix bis Zappa
The guitar has been and still is a popular instrument. Much has been said about its history,
its making or its playing. This book actually presents all that wouldn’t fit into any of these
3 categories. It displays guitar curiosities and unknown facts and artifacts from the 19th and the
20th centuries, on a humoristic tone but always supported by historical references. The author,
Dr. Stefan Hackl is also known as the author of numerous publications and two reference books
on the Viennese guitar. To remain in the guitar field, “Guitaromanie” is a pleasant fantasy, sadly only to be enjoyed in German. But what better place to learn Goethe’s language other than Berlin’s Holy Grail Guitar Show?
Kalamazoo-Gals.jpg, mai 2020
Kalamazoo Gals
Intrigued by a photograph of a large number of women sitting outside the Gibson guitar factory in the mid 40s, John Thomas sets out on an exploration. The company had always claimed it didn’t build any guitars during World War II. Upon investigation it turns out the there are thousands of ‘Banner’ Gibsons that were produced during the war years and that these were largely made by women. John Thomas tracks down and interviews some of these women, visits the old Gibson factory and pores over the Gibson production ledgers to uncover a fascinating story of life in the factory during wartime when there were few skilled craftsmen around and materials were scarce and restricted. in spite of this the “Kalamazoo Gals” managed to make what many consider to be some of the finest-sounding Gibson acoustics that the company ever made.
Review by Adrian Lucas for HGGS 2018


undestanding-wood.jpg, mai 2020 Understanding Wood: A Craftsman's Guide to Wood Technology
R. Bruce Hoadley explains everything you need to know about wood as a material.

wood-meier.jpg, mai 2020 WOOD! Identifying and Using Hundreds of Woods Worldwide
Eric Meier put his website wood-database.com into a book. Detailed pictures, figures, data, identification keys for all kind of woods.